May 11, 2016      


July 11, 2015      

Chrysalis LEAP visits MyCo Incubation and Climate-KIC in Budapest, Hungary

July 3 , 2015      

Chrysalis LEAP visits EGG (Enter-Go-Grow) in Athens, Greece

October 9 , 2015      

Parkurbis visits the Foundation Science Park of the University of Salamanca (PCUSAL)

September 3 - 4, 2015      

KTU visits Vilnius Innovation Drift in Vilnius, Lithuania

June 29, 2015      

KTU visits its ownStartUp Space in Kaunas, Lithuania

July 10, 2015      

Meeting of SCIENT External Advisory Committee in Nicosia, Cyprus

June 10, 2015      

UBI visits Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship in Lund, Sweden

May 11, 2015      

UBI visits EMLYON Incubator in Lyon, France

July 8, 2015      

KTU visits Technopolis Science and Technology Park in Delft, the Netherlands

July 7, 2015      

KTU visits Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts in Kaunas, Lithuania

July 6, 2015      

GrantXpert presents SCIENT at the Knowledge Alliances Event in Brussels, Belgium

July 1-3, 2015      

KTU visits Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, Germany

June 20, 2015      

KTU visits its ownStartUp Space in Kaunas, Lithuania

June 16-20, 2015      

KTU visits Startup Poland and Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland

June 19, 2015      

KTU visits Demola/Visoriai Information Technology Park in Vilnius, Lithuania

May 19, 2015      

KTU visits Kaunas Science and Technology Park/Santaka Valley in Kaunas, Lithuania

June 18 , 2015      

KTU visits Sunrise Valley in Vilnius, Lithuania

June 10, 2015      

ASTER visits University of Pisa, Italy

June 9, 2015      

SCIENT introductory hangout goes online!

May 26, 2015      

ASTER visits M31/Seedlab in Milan, Italy

May 18, 2015      

ASTER visits Avanzi/Make a Cube in Milan, Italy

May 17-21, 2015      

KTU visits Ljubljana University Institute for Innovation and Development and Ljubljana University Incubator

May 13, 2015      

GrantXpert visits Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Denmark

May 12, 2015      

GrantXpert visits Copenhagen Business School and Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, Denmark

March 24, 2015      

GrantXpert visits FOUND.ATION and ORANGE GROVE in Athens, Greece

March 23, 2015      

GrantXpert visits THE CUBE in Athens, Greece

January 26-27, 2015      

Kick-off meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus