“To bring Europe back to growth and higher levels of employment, Europe needs more entrepreneurs”
EC Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan

By developing the first of its kind comprehensive entrepreneurship programme for PhD STEM students/graduates, the following objectives will be achieved:

Foster Entrepreneurship

Foster the entrepreneurial spirit among PhD STEM students/graduates who have untapped business potential.

Develop Transversal Skills

Develop transversal skills (both hard and soft) for PhD STEM students/graduates, creating new professional paths for them.

Boost Job Creation

Enhance scientific entrepreneurship levels within EU Universities, decreasing over the long-term youth unemployment and boosting job creation and growth across the EU.

Remove Obstacles

Identify and remove the obstacles that PhD students/graduates encounter in transferring their research findings into business ideas.

Commercialise Research

Involve participants in internships and provide them with hands-on experience on how their research can be applied in real business settings

Find Start-up Funding

Our SCIENT participants will be able to present their business plan in front of business angels and VCs for obtaining funding in order to create their start-ups.

Build Bridges

Support and stimulate the flow and exchange of knowledge between higher education and enterprises across 8 EU countries.

Teach Entrepreneurship

Develop state-of-the-art teaching methods and techniques on entrepreneurship education for PhD students/graduates.

Launch Pre-Accelerator Programme

Develop and test a complete pre-accelerator programme that will be offered to universities, research and entrepreneurship centres, accelerators and incubators.

Transfer Best Practices

Transfer best practices from North EU countries that have long-term experience in entrepreneurship and accelerator programmes to South EU countries.

Establish partnerships

Encourage and sustain long-term cooperative partnerships between universities and businesses.

Support Universities

Increase Universities’ impact upon European regional economic development via new initiatives/programmes.