“One becomes an entrepreneur not by birth but by education as well as by experience”
Volkmann C.

The SCIENT Project


The EU needs researchers who not only discover new things, but transfer knowledge to others, for maximum social and economic benefit. To this end, SCIENT, our project, will develop an innovative entrepreneurship programme for PhD STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students and graduates, giving them an insight out of the ivory tower of pure research, developing their transversal skills and providing them with a new professional path.

Scope & benefits

SCIENT will enhance scientific entrepreneurship by concentrating on young researchers, the brightest minds with untapped business potential. Based on EUROSTAT data (2010), there are more than 500,000 PhD students in EU universities, with more than 180,000 (about 36%) STEM students.


By identifying the strengths, weaknesses, gaps and best practices of existing entrepreneurship programmes, a unique and top quality programme will emerge. Currently there is no such programme in the EU. This will be pilot tested in 7 countries (CY, PT, ES, IT, LT, UK, MT) and offered to interested stakeholders once finalized.