Pilot testing seminars in Lithuania


Pilot testing seminars in Lithuania

February , 2017      

Pilot testing seminars in Lithuania

Pilot testing seminars in Lithuania

In Lithuania, 24 participants were selected out of 44 that applied to the programme. 

The participants represented young researchers from different research fields, i.e. environmental engineering, chemical engineering, measurement engineering, mechanical engineering, geology, electrical and electronic engineering, materials engineering, biomedicine, energy and thermal engineering, economics and management.

The 24 participants represent four universities in Lithuania.

During the trainings we had six successful and inspiring entrepreneurs as guest speakers. Participants have pitched their ideas for the jury from investors and entrepreneurs.

9 of the participants took part in internships with innovative companies in Belgium, Austria, Italy, and Germany, while another 13 participants interned with startups and companies in Lithuania.

The participants were mentored by five mentors and two coaches.

The teams developed the following ideas:

1)            Five Golden Fishes (mechanism designed to protect children from drowning, once accidentally fell into water)

2)            Chemist (sticker, measuring hazardous conditions at workplace)

3)            BIOPAK (innovative food bio packaging prolonging the validity of the food);

4)            ViLim (i.e. vibratory device solving blood circulation problems);

5)            GEM solutions (nuclear magnetic resonance application for geology research).