Science and Technology Park

PARKURBIS is a Science and Technology Park located in the city of Covilhã, in the Centro region of Portugal. As a STP, the main objectives of Parkurbis are the support to the creation of new technology based firms (NTBF) while promoting an environment suitable for the development of innovation and R&D activities among the supported companies. PARKURBIS, acts based on 4 main pillars of action: 1. Promotion of qualified entrepreneurship, 2. Support to the creation and consolidation of NTBF, 3. Access to financing schemes (in particular venture capitals and business angels), 4. Support to internationalization.

The main targets of PARKURBIS are the students, professors and researchers from the University of Beira Interior, stockholder of PARKURBIS, with which there is a privileged partnership.

Alongside with actions for the promotion of entrepreneurship among highly qualified students from the university, PARKURBIS develops a set of actions aiming the development of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge among scientific entrepreneurs, including training sessions and personal follow-up on the development of business ideas.

Under the “Access to financing” priority, PARKURBIS bridges information between NTBF and entrepreneurs and financing entities, with particular focus on Horizon 2020 (and previous FP7) and venture capital (including business angels). PARKURBIS has created, in 2006, the local business angels club, the fifth to be created in Portugal.

Finally, PARKURBIS is currently developing new actions aiming the support to internationalization of NTBF.

Up to the moment, PARKURBIS shelters, in its facilities, about 34 technology based companies, including start-ups and product development factories, in sectors such as ICT, renewable energies and engineering

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